tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2008

Halfway from Sörnäinen to the railway station I stopped in Kaisaniemi. The road was roaring with cars, the street was at its widest (I could hardly see the people on the other side of the street!), pedestrians struggled in the snow. The traffic sounds were loud. I turned my head from where I was coming to the directions I was about to proceed in.

The man on this video came up to me with a question. He wanted to
know if I thouhgh Helsinki was a pretty enough place to shoot in.
Judge for yourself!

There, right there! The traffic sign caught my eye, I took a closer look. This particular one was new to me. Not having a driver’s license, I rarely pay attention to the signs around us. They’re everywhere, telling us where to cross, when to stop, how to act. I started to look around for the bright colours and the simple, basic shapes.

My favourite of them all - the weird sign
including an ancient camera.

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