maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2008

In my impression, acupuncture is about setting one’s energy flow straight, right and well. Flow runs in some parts strong, sprinkling, in other part slow - sometimes turning, sometimes straight. The flow has a direction, a starting point and an end.

What would these urban energy flows construct of? The city itself in my mind is mainly the frame for its user, the visitor, the inhabitant, their lives, actions, feelings and thoughts. The energy of the city is the energy of the people. The act of acupuncturing the city is an act of liberating their energy. A sting of a needle is a wake up call for the inhabitants to be present, to take part in their environment, in the moment. This action, the discharge of energy can be even as small as just taking a good, intense look at the place one is at that moment. It is about making people to be present, conscious, ready, focused and concentrated. My aim is to turn the potential energy to kinetic energy.

Acupuncture is needed when a person, a city in this case, is ill. Illnesses of the city are as diverse as those of human beings. The one I’m most interested in curing, is the lack of natural, spontaneous and kind interaction between people and the constant rush we all seem to have. Less hurry more smiles.

The needles are put in and taken out. The procedure is not too long, but a mark remains on the skin. Actually a net of marks since acupuncture is executed with several needles. In a city environment these could be just memory marks in the collective mind, the on-going stories of things happened in these specific places.

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