perjantai 28. marraskuuta 2008

I pulled it through.
The sign is there.

My interpretation in the front, the original in the back.

I'm exhausted but happy. My hands have stopped sweating, my heart is beating to a normal rythm. At 9 am this morning, with the best help from Elvira, I put the thing up. See it?
No more thoughts running trough my head, just the sweet relief of things gone well. I do hope that the sign will be up there at least over the weekend. I think I will go and get it down myself next week unless someone else has done it for me.
I'm worried about the authorities reactions, since I haven't asked for a permission to put this piece up. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to think that anyone would get too upset about a thing like this. After all, it's basicly just about fooling around, trying to bring a little grin on people's faces.
In the very near future (say tomorrow?) I would like to document the pass-byers reactions. Do people notice my work in the plenty of traffic signs? And if they do, how do they respond to it? Am I the only one to find it amusing? The taps-on-the-back from the people on this course gave me affirmation, that I am not - best thanks to our teacher Marco and all the people attending the Urban Acupuncture -course. Your feedback has been encouraging. Special thumb up for Elvira!

The sign and it's proud creator.

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