torstai 27. marraskuuta 2008

These last two days - all about working.


Luckily I got a piece of veneer plywood for free, printing went fine, gluing not so good. I can't recommend boat varnish on printed paper, unless a melted picture is your goal... I covered the piece with plastic. With a little help from my friends in the wood studio I drilled a hole in the middle, attached the metal pieces and Avot! The sign is ready to be installed.

The backside of the sign - this
amount of metal should do it!

To make it shiny and weatherproof I
covered the work with plastic.

During this project I learned again a little about myself and my ways of working during an art project: Trying to do a serious piece of work, the impish part of me takes over and I end up with something like a cockoo robot. In any case, I'm happy I do - the realization of these caprices gives me content, keeps my personal energy flows upbeat! Hopefully some of my positive flow will be transmitted to the people who come across my work.

The H-hour: tomorrow morning.

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